Are you addicted to pinterest? Leah and I are. We have found it the best way to share ideas and bookmark them in one place. You can follow each of us by clicking the links on the side bar. During one pinterest browsing occasion I stumbled across a crayon and colouring folder. Unfortunately the link was broken and couldn’t follow it to find a pattern, so I decided to make it up and use the image as insperation. Thus my version of the colouring folio was born.
Crayon Folio - inside Above was my first design for a friends daughter, and below is what it has evolved into today.
Deluxe Colouring Folio - Pirates

I have later discovered that there is a pattern on etsy and there is also a free online tutorial. Both claiming this design as their own. There are bound to be more out there, and how original they were in the first place is anyones guess. So I have no claim on the base idea of this product but the way in which I constructed it is my own.

These folios are about to pop up in our online shop, I have sold a few already so you may need to be quick. 24cm x 16cm

They can also be custom made so if you have a theme in mind, let us know.

Here is the spiel: Deluxe Colouring Folio. Fits an A5 pad of paper and either 6 large crayons or up to 24 small pencils. Great for a child to take to a cafe to keep them busy and small enough to pop into a handbag. Also an extra pocket for stickers or more paper. It has a magnetic snap to make closure easier for little fingers. Fully padded and interfaced so its sturdy enough to sit on a little knee and help keep the crayons protected when being toted about. This one is ready to be bought and includes crayons, paper and stickers. Measures approx 24cm x 16cm when closed.