Well Eltham Craft Market went well, we had a great time and got a fantastic response to our products! Hello if you’re stopping by for the first time, great to have you here, Just wanted to let you know our Made It Store is on Holidays at the moment as we re-stock with all the goodies from then Market, but you can still buy by contacting us here by filling out the form or on face book.

Ditto Crafts - Eltham Market Stall

Mandy’s Delux Art Folio’s were a big hit, they are such a great idea for kids on the move and mums who want enjoy their meal or coffee in peace! As always the apple cozy’s attracted a lot of attention.

and my Ipad covers were loved by a lot of customers ….who didn’t even have an ipad….anyway we thank you all for your kind words and enouragement….Mandy and I are already planing our next market…we will be sure to keep you posted!

Happy Crafting…