Yesterday I had the pleasure of sewing all day….my idea of heaven…although I did take a break and do some groceries shopping as the cupboards were bare and my kiddos would have hounded me if I hadn’t done it!

So I had this idea in my head that I wanted to make Ipad covers

I did make a few for the Eltham market they were popular and …generated a bit of interest funny how many people picked them up and love them but didnt have and iPad!

So with that in mind I made up and mini version for a phone or iPod.

I love the colours on this one..and I even managed to have a hiden pocket inside for your cards or cash, even ear-phones.

Im real happy with how they turned out and they are selling! yay.

What other design would you love to see on a pouch?

Thanks for stopping by.

Leah & Mandy x