I love it when a friend says to me, “My son needs a first wallet but I haven’t had time to make one myself”. That’s all that needs to be said before the creative juices start to flow, and that’s all you can think about. Kids wallets. I ordered some Star Wars fabric from Fabricworm and have been pondering over what to make with it. He’s a bit of a Star Wars fan, so it was the perfect project to make me cut into it. Leah made some wallets for our last market, so I used the same pattern. It’s a free tutorial from Modest Maven if you would like to have a go too. A coin pocket needed to be added so I put some velcro behind the card pockets. We’ll see how it goes.

Star Wars kids walletMore of these will be made. Keep an eye on our shop, or if you can’t wait place an order. What are your kids into? I love making stuff for boys.