When you have a toddler time limits become a ticking time bomb, especially when they have become very erratic with their sleep patterns!

So on Tuesday, which is usually a work day for me, I had this conundrum of what to sew! I had finished my secret project which I have teased about on Facebook and had a few things I could have started. But instead I made a start on the new passport wallet that’s been kicking around inside my head.

I wanted to make a slightly different one than the norm so I’ve been trawling the net looking for tutorials patterns or images. The more I looked the more I was deciding I can make the pattern myself. So I did, and the first version of my passport wallet was born, not perfect but what prototype is? Every step of the way i was listening for the little one to see if he was waking up, by some miracle he slept and I got it finished. If only every sewing session lasted 3 hours.

Here is a peek. Now for some tweaking. Maybe I’ll even make it into a tutorial one day, who’s up for that?