1 year today. Wow what a year it’s been. 1 year ago Leah and I decided to have a stall at our primary school fete. Selling our craft was something both of us had wanted to do for a while, so we thought it a good opportunity, see how it goes. So after that was decided we wanted to come up with a name. On this day a year ago we went out for coffee, throwing ideas at each other, trying to mix our 2 blog names together but nothing seemed to work. Then back at Leah’s house she said “what about ditto?”. We are very similar in a lot of ways and you could say “ditto” for most things in our lives. It was perfect. So Ditto Crafts was born.

It’s a wonderful journey to be on. We haven’t quite worked out our nieche yet or which direction to stick to but we’re having fun and getting to make and explore different products and see what people get excited about. We both work 3 days a week and have pretty full on family’s to deal with, having craft allows us to take a step back from all that. People are always asking how we find the time, we make time, we have to. Sometimes I sit back and wonder why I want to sell what I make (I’m speaking for myself here not Leah). I think it gives me a chance to explore more and push me into designing and thinking about different aspects of making. To see people get excited about something you have made is always a thrill.