Poor neglected blog, you would think with two of us writing you would get a bit more attention!

Passport wallets #dittocrafts

I’m going to start this week off by telling you about the patterns we use. We often get asked if we design our own patterns or use others, and if we use others why? Why don’t we design our own? We’ll it’s like this, we both love to sew, and when we get a spare moment, we sew. There are so many talented people out there who love to design and write patterns, so we’re getting the best of both worlds. That’s not to say we don’t design some of the things we make. Slowly our own designs are creeping into our shop (like these passport wallets above and phone pouch below), which is lovely, we just need some time to write them down!

Blossom Birdy i pouch

So here are a few pattern designers we buy patterns from to make then sell. They are very generous in allowing crafters like us to sell finished products made from their patterns. This is not a complete list and is in no particular order, hopefully it will grow with time and if you are reading this and know we’ve used a pattern not on the list, give us a nudge by writing in the comments.

Also heaps of inspiration from tutorials on the net.

Who’s your favourite pattern designer?

Happy Sewing

Leah & Mandy x