We had a lovely day on Sunday. The weather was kind and we got to meet some lovely customers. Thanks to all those who stopped by.

2012 9:38 AM

We’re experimenting with a new table layout, what do you think?

2012 9:39 AM

Our hats now have their own stand and we have somewhere to hang Leah’s new book pillows.

2012 9:40 AM

Heaps of pouches for the up coming gift season.
2012 9:41 AM

Our new toddler ties had their first outing, along with our new mannequins I made to display them. We have 3 and are still trying to work out a good name combination for them.
2012 9:42 AM

Another debut for the market was Leah’s hoop art. Sorry not a good photo at all, the sun shining and wind was not kind at this moment!!

Our Toddler Ties hanging in the breeze.

If you see something in the photos you would like to purchase please contact us, come to our next market, or check if we’ve added it to our online store on Madeit. All links are on our main page.