I have quite a big fabric stash. What sewer doesn’t ;-). But it can get to a point of being way too much fabric, sitting, waiting to be used. I blame not enough time to sew! There are plenty of ideas of what to sew, so that’s not the problem. It got much worse when I discovered online fabric stores with pretty little fabric bundles. Sucker for a fabric bundle. Way too easy.

A work in progress

An attempt to use up my stash, and a bit of an experiment.

Another of my goals for this year is to make from my stash and really think about any fabric purchases. I also check in with Leah just to make sure I really need it!!! More often than not she talks me out of it, she’s good for me like that ;-). I came up with another way to keep my stash under control (besides making sure I sell what I make!) the weight of fabric coming through my door must be less than the amount of fabric used in a finished item. So I’ll weigh what I make, and weigh the fabric I buy. At the end of the year it either has to balance or more fabric used than bought. Lets see how that goes.

The only completed item so far this year is the bib from the previous post, so I’m +32g at the moment. I’ve got fabric arriving from fabricworm any day now so I better finish the baby quilt above asap.

Do you have a fabric goal for this year? Want to join me?