Did you know it’s “Support you local quilt shop day”? Well it is, according to lots of blogs I read anyway. The nearest quilt shop to me (not including the massive fabric stores) is about 45 mins away. There are a few that far away. But today I chose to shop at Patchwork with Gale B. With Little Mister on my hip I searched the rows and rows of fabric in the 15min limit I gave myself. Of course I found the pre-cuts and this is what I came home with. A jelly role of Comma by Zen Chic, a charm pack of Noteworthy by Sweetwater and a charm pack of 2wenty-thr3e by Cosmo Cricket. These are all for me out of my pocket money!!!! I already have ideas, just need time to sew them ;-). If you want to see the whole range I have pinned them in my fabric board on pinterest, go here.

But of course this now means that I’m even worse off on my fabric stash goal. At last purchase I was -1283g. This purchase was 638g.

-1283g – 638g = -1921g better get stitching and finishing.

Have you visited your local quilt shop today? If anyone wants to open a quilt shop in the Montmorency area they are quite welcome. It’s a pipe dream of mine ;-).