The question : do you sew practice pieces? Or do you just jump right in and cut into your fabric hoping for the best?
Me I’m the second one usually! …but some times I stop and think well I should! These was one of those times.
I was asked to make a art smock for school … New to school prep.
So size was important . Thus a practice run was essential .
I finally got to use one of my Japanese books. Traced a pattern onto some paper and found a vintage sheet I thought would work as a smock .


And here it is. I’m totally happy how it turned out, just could use some more length at the bottom. Easy fixed.
So I then felt good about cutting into the fabric my friend had brought for her daughter.


Fits my 6 year old And my 4 year old…
All good and now to make a library bag with what’s left!
Tell us about your practice runs , or stuff ups.