We have had some great feed back on the kids money cuffs and request for Adult ones. I’m happy to oblige as I like to take an early morning run and often take some cash to by some fresh bread for the days lunches. So far I’ve made two types.

This one was my first trial. You can wear the zip hidden or reverse with it showing. I also added press studs for a different look. But I wasn’t totally happy with the finish and by having the studs it doesn’t make it adjustable.
But I do like the zip and the zipper pull is tucked under the overlap where it closes over.

This time I used Velcro for both the pocket and to close around the wrist which gives a bit of flexibility in sizing.

And this time the pocket can be reached from the top … Easier access?
So that my second try and I think I have one more I want to try.
Suggestions much appreciated, but please don’t ask me to make one to fit your phone !!!
Defeats the purpose just a tad!
Thanks in advance