Hello all.

The time has come to reveal our entries for the Umbrella Prints Trimmings Competition 2013. Leah unfortunately wasn’t able to complete her entry in time but hopefully we will end up seeing a completed product.

My mum, Christine, did finish hers. You can now see where I get my crafty from. She is, after all, a retired art teacher, now having time to dabble in the crafts she loves. Paper is her thing at the moment, but when given the fabric pack, she put the paper away and this is the result. If you love it, pop on over to the Umbrella Prints pinterest board from June 1 and get pinning. Here tis.

Umbrella Prints Trimmings Competition

This is the fabric Christine started with.

Mum's Entry Umbrella Prints Trimmings Competition

This is the final result. A gorgeous fabric origami mobile.