Yes Ditto Crafts is 2! And to celebrate we have given this website a bit of a makeover. Poke around and tell us what you think?

We have been very quiet for the past 6 months, busy with life stuff, so it’s given us time to sit back and see where Ditto Crafts is taking us. July has been a very busy month, a market, Madeit having its relaunch, custom orders coming in, it’s all starting to happen again and we’re getting the buzz and thrill of being creative again.


One of the things we have been thinking about is how custom orders can be placed. In the past its been a bit of back and forth with customers by various means. You can now pop into our Madeit store and see what custom orders we have on offer at the moment. So if we don’t have any, you know we are busy bees and may have to wait till a new listing pops up. You can of course still contact us to get in line.


So how this works. We have a few items we get repeat orders for. So I’ve made up listings for these, they are called “You choose the fabric!”. Have a browse through our Facebook albums or website to see if any fabric catches your eye, contact us through the listing to see if we have the fabric or if it’s suitable for that item, you purchase that listing then we start making, easy as that. Most items are made with the week.


Please do still contact us though if you want something else custom made or personalised. We are currently offering the following: Family travel wallet, kids wallet, passport cover, myki (travel card) holder, deluxe colouring folio and baby shoes. But will be adding more soon, we are currently busy bees!!


If you can think of any other custom listings we are happy to add them too. Exciting times.