Market setup

We had a lovely afternoon yesterday spent at a local playgroups craft market. It was very intimate and inside, so chatting to customers was a pleasure. We were alongside some other very talented crafters.

We introduced some new products which were well received. Our new elephant softie. These are perfect for new born gifts. The initials of the baby can be embroidered or appliquéd onto the ear for a personalised touch. We also introduced our key fobs. I’m forever fumbling in my bag for my keys but since I started using one they are much easier to find, plus can be hung off a few fingers while trying to balance the groceries and a 2 year old!


Our new elephant softie.
Pattern by Retro Mama

Its been a while since our last market but keep an eye out for our next one as we have caught the bug again. So nice to meet and talk to our customers and get direct feedback.

Hello to those from the Montmorency Community Church.

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Our new key fobs.