You know that time of year, every parent dreads, school springs it on you!
Book Week … Kids need to dress up as a book character.
So the search begins for something simple that the kid wants to wear. Where to start? Pinterest is a mothers best friend I tell you.
So after some searching and deliberation they made their decisions
My boy liked the idea of Lorax


So his was easy, some glasses, bushy eyebrows and a moe to match.
Bit if wool for the eyebrows and cardboard for the moe. Kmart to the rescue with $6 orange T-Shirts .


As for my girl, she was more fussy when it came to picking a costume.
I was flicking through Pinterest and came across a picture of a paper doll. Looked easy enough. She loved it.
Lucky I had a big piece of cardboard kept for such a thing!


Started with an out line in pencil and then started to paint. Had my girls begging to help so I let them loose with the blue paint. The rest was up to me. Easy enough cause I had a picture to copy from.
Then once it was dry I just cut it out, added some elastic to the neck and the bow to a headband .

And the final product! Too cute if you ask me. And she won best in class!