Zip Pouch

On the weekend I made this coin pouch for a custom order. I had pretty much free range with the fabric choice, and knowing my customer helped immensely. So I dove into the stash and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. The brief was, something to put coins and cards into, nice and simple. I’ve had the zip pouch pattern by Michelle Patterns for a little while and have been wanting to make it. The only problem with this pattern was it didn’t have a zip pocket for cards as well. No problem to add though and it turned out really well. It’s a perfect size for coins and cards.

The pattern called for curved corners to give it more depth but I opted out adding those as it had more fabric on the side with the zip pocket and would have been too bulky. I don’t think it needed it in this case. I love how the top zip turned out, no bunching up at the sides. I’ll be using the same technique again! There are more sizes in the pattern I want to make too, just need to find a reason to make them!


Zip Pouch – back

Do you have a favourite zip pouch pattern?