When a friend called and asked me if I could make her a bag from a dress she brought, I thought mmm, yes.


She brought this cute, handmade number and fell in love with the fabric. It’s a beautiful linen with dear on it. Not a bad score for $6.
So I got on Pinterest and looked at some previous bags I pinned. I knew the feel I wanted to achieve was something like this.


Love the belts don’t you?
Any who I firstly cut off the bodice to give me the lager skirt bit to play with.


Because of the shape I decided to keep it tapered at the top, and leave the wider bottom. To give it a more professional look I rounded the corners using a plate


Still it seemed on the large side so I went for corner darts. To taper it in.


I had some checked linen fabric that matched to use as the lining, and cut the shape using the outer bag as template. I also used a piece of the bodice to make an internal pocked.


Then proceeded to put the bag together. I found a black leather belt no one wore and cut the ends off to make two handles. Using the same fabric as the lining I made some tabs to cover the ends and made it easier to attach to the bag.