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Like a lot of stories go these days of new friendships made, we met online. Photo’s were spotted on flickr of each others work, then blogs started to be read, then comments shared, which led to emails and working out our boys were attending the same school the following year. Kind of a very freaky coincidence really. There was an instant friendship and sharing of our love for sewing/crocheting/blogging/wine! And then the similarities between us were becoming even more apparent. To cut a very long story short and skip a few years ahead, we decided to put a few items together for our school fete and try our hand at selling what we make. Coming up with a name for our stall was fun and seeing as we share so many similarities, Ditto Crafts was born. We have now joined forces to share our love for craft and you can occasionally purchase an item we’ve made. Please join us on our ever changing journey.


These are our very neglected other crafty blogs. Find out where we started by having a peak at these.


personal blog: Made in Monty


personal blog: Mandy Made

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