Introducing the Myki / Opal / GoCard / Oyster / Octopus / Metro / SmartRider / MyWay / Multi Pass / Travel Pass / Work Pass / ID / anything you can slip into a plastic pocket and want to cover it, holder!

Myki Holder

I travel by train to work (my real work where I don’t get to play with fabric every day) and I hate bringing my myki out of my purse every time I needed to use it, so I made a cover for it that fits into a pocket in my bag. Because it’s fabric it doesn’t slip out of my hands when its cold and the myki can be activated through the plastic. Trust me this works. I’ve used mine for a couple of months to test it out. I have included rivets so if you feel inclined, can pop it on a lanyard or wrist strap (which we also happen to make, just say’n!). When you need to top it up it slides out easily.

Myki Holders

These are some already made up and will be available in the madeit shop by the end of the week, unless you can’t wait that long and contact us first. Like all other items we offer they can be customised to you personally.

Edit: Ready made holders are now available here, you can purchase more than one holder in the one transaction, just let us know which ones you want and how many, or use the custom fabric listing.

OR You can now purchase the holders right here from our shop. Just click the shop button :-)


How do you travel to work? Need to snaz up that myki?

Happy traveling.